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Under the title Dialoge, the Center of Contemporary Art has established an event in which internationally renowned artists and scientists are regularly brought together to exchange their specific contributions to the complex phenomena and problems of contemporary life. The Dialoge are carried out in cooperation with art institutions in Graz under an annually changing main theme. At the interfaces of common themes, motifs or paradigms, the difference of views and languages of art and science is to be made productive in the sense of an experiment.

Dialoge I: Art – Political Responsibility – Social Justice

The first series of the Dialoge is entitled “Art - Political Responsibility - Social Justice". In this way, the Center of Contemporary Art is setting a focus which, due to the socio-political events of recent years, can hardly be surpassed in terms of topicality and explosiveness. Racist and other prejudice-based conflicts affect societies around the world.  Against this background, the first series, Dialoge I: Art - Political Responsibility - Social Justice, deals with various thematic areas that provide a thought-provoking impulse in connection with the keywords migration, identity, mobility, politics of borders, the global view, social justice/social practice and the myth of home.



11th november 2021

12th november 2021

13th november 2021

19th november 2021

20th november 2021

26th november 2021

27th november 2021

WHERE: Grazer Kunstverein



Center of Contemporary Art

Universitätsplatz 3/II. Stock, 8010 Graz



Ursula Winkler

Institut für Kunstgeschichte

Phone:+43 316 380 - 2401

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